SOCIAL SECURITY, The Great Ponzi Scheme

If this book doesn't raise your blood pressure, you'd better check for a pulse! - Lee I. Malco, Esquire

From a historical perspective it is fair to say that Social Security was founded with good intentions but “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Adequate and empirical evidence exists to document that our political leaders, from both sides of the aisle, have been lying to us and swindling us out of our own earnings since the very inception of Social Security.



...because when it comes to frauds, fakery, and slight-of-hand, none of the; grifters, con artists, and snake oil salesmen throughout history, not even “The Smoothest Con Man That Ever Lived,’  ‘Count’ Victor Lustig,” who once sold the Eiffel Tower to an unsuspecting scrap-metal dealer, has ever done it better or on a more grand scale than our own government.



The information presented in this work is both unpleasant and necessary to hear. It is unpleasant to hear because it details the fundamental problems and issues endemic in the Social Security system overall; it is concurrently necessary to hear because it provides a truthful, accurate, objective analysis of where and how these problems started. It tells you why they have become larger issues as time has passed and what needs to be done to try to remedy a pervasive wrong that continues to worsen, one that adversely impacts the legitimate interests of every tax-paying, law-abiding citizen of this country.

 Information is power. That base precept is beyond any rational argument. As such, if you wish to be informed and therefore be in a position to exert power upon the governmental agencies and entities and people that are and, for decades have been, exercising essentially unfettered, and indeed, improper control over YOUR money, this book will be a useful way to begin to facilitate your ability to accomplish that challenging but essential task.  – Michael J. Hawley, Esquire.


Social Security, The Great Ponzi Scheme exposes important truths that our government would prefer that the American taxpayer ignore. Unfortunately for us, we can't afford to continue ignoring them and allowing the Washington elites to continue stealing our retirement purchasing power. Part history text, part call to political action, Social Security, The Great Ponzi Scheme should be required reading for every teenager prior to starting their first job. Only by recognizing the problem and confronting it head-on will We, The People be able to take back control of our retirement income. – Richard English, CPA


 We’ve all heard of a Ponzi Scheme, a wide ranging fraud on investors that depends for its success on ever more investors putting their money into it in order to provide a false sense of return on investment for the first people to into the scam and most importantly on keeping secret the fact that there is “no there, there”.  Bernie Madoff is spending the rest of his life as a guest of the Federal Government in scenic Butner, NC for just such a fraud.  But this is what our elected officials are currently doing with Social Security, depending on you-the taxpayer to pay into a system from which, in a few short years, you will reap no benefit. 

In this book, Charles B. Read and Donel C. Smith, both with vast and diverse professional experience, spanning decades; Don as a Financial Advisor, and Charlie as a Financial Frauds Investigator, lay out the facts in a damning indictment of a political class that has, through its cowardice and irresponsibility, mortgaged our retirement for the benefit of short-term electoral gain.  They also present common sense solutions to a problem that may very well break our nation.

If this book doesn’t raise your blood pressure, you’d better check for a pulse! - Lee I. Malco, Esquire


DONEL SMITH, CLU, ChFC, has been helping clients make meaningful and informed retirement, financial, and insurance decisions through the provision of professional services since 1975. He graduated from C.W. Post College with a BS in Education and a MS in Professional Studies and is the proprietor of the Smith Agency where he addresses the unique values, needs and priorities of each client and works together with clients in building financial strategies that encourages them to think about where they’ve come from, where they are going, and what they’ll leave behind. Don earned his prestigious Charter Financial Consultant and Charter Life Underwriter designations and his extensive background in the financial services business involves investigating various issues including Social Security along with myriad other retirement plans; including: 401k plans, Simple Plans, IRA both, regular and Roth accounts, and defined benefit plans.



CHARLES READ, CFC is the author of PRINCIPLES OF SECURITY CONSULTING and MAXIMUM SECURITY…Defusing the Threat. Charlie served concurrently and with distinction in the military and law enforcement for more than twenty years. He is a decorated veteran who rose through the ranks. His tenure with the PA Attorney General’s Office, Bureau of Criminal Investigation, included the conduct of complex financial investigations for the state Banking and Securities Commissions, Department of Revenue, and the Inspector General. He is a Certified Fraud Consultant whose troubleshooting and problem-solving expertise has been sought by Fortune Companies, law offices, and accounting firms since 1993, past consultancies include: PricewaterhouseCoopers, Lloyds of London, Loomis-Fargo, international crime mitigation firms, and others.  He is a graduate of Excelsior College, the UNC School of Government, and the PENN State Police Executive Development Institute.




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